Buy & Sell Brand New & Pre-owned Authentic Designer bags and Accessories

Terms and Conditions

 In undertaking in all transactions with Designers Exchange, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions stated here.


Sell Your Items

  • You must be the lawful owner of the transacted items with us. All Items sold to us are guaranteed to be authentic. Should there be any alterations made such as change of hardware/re-dye/change of color etc, you promise to disclose all these information pertaining to the items. Failure to adhere to these conditions, you will indemnify Designers Exchange of all costs including the amount we paid you for the items and in settling claims against these items.
  • Should any laws been found flouted, Designers Exchange shall report all fraudulent and illegal acts to the authority or relevant agencies.
  • A copy of your identification document with your personal particulars will be required upon selling items to Designers Exchange, subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy.
  • You may email us to get confirmation if we accept certain item and if we do, also obtain an estimation/valuation of the item you wish to sell. The proposed quote provided is valid for 5 business days. Kindly contact us again if you decide to proceed to sell after the validity period. We may maintain or adjust our quote as we deem fit. Please note we are under no obligation to accept the items after the valid period for our internal reasons.
  • For higher valuation, considerations taken are availability of: brand store receipt, authenticity card (if applicable), Cites (for exotic leather), dust cover, box etc. Above all, current trend of color/size /brand and model are determinants as part of the valuation. In most cases, especially for high price items like Hermes Birkin & Kelly, we only accept if it come with store receipt.
  • Payment will be made within 5 business days after the item is sold to us via electronic transfer/bank wire.


Buy from Designers Exchange

  • All items sold are non-exchangeable, non-returnable and non-refundable. In another word, all sale is final, we do not entertain buyer’s remorse. This is to prevent complications in transactions especially across borders.
  • Designers Exchange guarantees the authenticity of all items sold by us or full refund if authenticity is found otherwise. For refunds, please refer to the section Returns & Refund.
  • Designers Exchange under no circumstances, is obliged to buy back items sold through us or by us. We will buy back case to case basis.
  • All pre-loved or used items are sold as it is. It is buyer’s responsibility to check item thoroughly before making purchase. Designers Exchange will not be responsible for wear & tear, discolorations/staining of clothes occurring after the sale. Please understand we do not make these designer items, nor do we know how items are being handled after the sales.